Pretty Architecture presents: Glass houses S2E2

Built on the property of an existing house and surrounded by mature trees, landscaped gardens and a swimming pool, this pavilion was meant as a transition point between "man made" and "organic." Made for year round use, this glass wall house offers unobstructed views of the pool and gardens through any season. But beyond the breathtaking picture window panoramas, the invisible glazed facades are actually pivoting doors that rotate to open the interiors to the great outdoors, bringing an alfresco air to the indoors.

This space is definitely a dream home for the outdoor enthusiast out there! The minimalist interiors clearly connect man to nature through elements like the mahogany walls, Douglas fir ceilings, blue stone floors, and a stunning fireplace feature that surely warms your heart as much as it warms the room.

"Once inside, you can never escape the feeling of being exposed to the elements, purely by virtue of the ever present views." :

Even from the outside, this natural house blends into its surroundings, but still stands out for all the right reasons. The glass walls offer a see through view of the interiors and nature on the other side, while elements like stone walls complement the surroundings.

photo credit: Maxwell MacKenzie
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